Diagnostics – personalized consulting and competent care

Examination and consultation

Your medical concern will be diagnosed individually through a thorough consultation and examination, including, if necessary, specialized imaging, magnetic resonance (MRI), computed tomography (CT) or neurological examination.

Conservative therapy

Less severe medical concerns, such as back and neck pain, shoulder and arm pain or sciatica, can be treated with chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy, local injections or bracing.

Spinal surgery

Severe medical concerns or failure of conservative treatment may require surgery.
Nowadays, the success of spinal surgery to reduce pain, which leads to an improved quality of life, is well established.

An alternative to common disc surgery is endoscopic disc surgery (keyhole technique). Endoscopic disc surgery causes less tissue damage, can be conducted under local anaesthesia and involves a much shorter hospital stay.

Post-operative care

I will organize post-operative care in cooperation with your family practitioner. Regular post-operative appointments will be conducted at my office.