Moving without physical restrains! That’s freedom and quality of life

Nowadays, back pain is common, affecting all age groups.

Modern Spinal Surgery offers a wide range of therapies and techniques that help to relieve discomforts.

Beat Wälchli

Dr. med. and Dr. of chiropractic

As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon I specialize in the treatment of spinal deseases.

My areas of expertise include the conservative and surgical treatment of degenerative changes of the spine (e.g. endoscopic and microsurgical disc surgery, minimal invasive spinal surgeries and complex revision surgeries).

As a board-certified chiroptractor I am familiar with the entire field of manual therapy.

That’s what I stand for

I set great value upon personal consultation and care for all of my clients.  This applies for both patiens with a private insurance and those with a general insurance.

In my medical practice you can be sure to get a treatment quickly, without long waiting periods.